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Our Services

We provide various packages that cater to your specific requirements and preferences.

Orby- Jama

Let's have some fun with Orby - we can play games, dance, sing, and enjoy a candy buffet with sparkling, popping bottles.

So Fresh White Party (Boy Package)

At the VIP event, guests can expect a lavish spread featuring a red carpet, dance party, food buffet, and wine bottle (with sparkling juice for non-alcoholic guests). The birthday boy will receive a free gift and be crowned during the fashion show. Don't miss out on the fun!

Nerf It Up

Create personalized party favors for a board-themed party, including vests and goggles, Nerf tattoos, and enough for 6 guests.

U Glow Girl (Wear White Or Neon Colors)

Funky Fun Neon Make-Overs Or Body/Face Paint Mani/Pedi Hair Enhancements And Sparkles Party Favor Bar Station Freestyle Dance Party Or Karaoke Glow/Light Up Props Light Punch For Party Guest Birthday Girl Gets Bedazzled Face Art.

Crayon And Sip (2-4 year olds )

Are you planning a dance party and looking for some sweet treats? How about adding a candy buffet and bounce house to the mix? You can also choose to have a canvas painting activity and enjoy some delicious flavored juice. 

Rich Boy Glow Boy

Are you in the mood for a freestyle dance party or a karaoke night? We've got you covered with our glow and light-up party favors, including glow props, light-up props, and even glow-in-the-dark face paint. And if you're feeling like a baller, try out our money gun to make it rain with our money props. Let's get the party started!

Ultimate Princess Dream (6 Guest)

Personalize the board game experience for each guest with sparkling make-up, glitter tattoos, disco lights, and a dress-up closet lights, and a dress-up closet.

White V.I.P Party Pkg

At our birthday celebration for girls, each guest is gifted a white tutu (it's recommended to wear a white shirt to complete the look). The birthday girl and all guests are treated to a V.I.P. badge and a Mani/Pedi session. Additionally, a special Mani/Pedi Favor station will be set up for everyone's enjoyment, and a red carpet will be rolled out to welcome our guests. The birthday package also features glitter makeup/tattoos and a Karaoke Sing Along. Spa robes are available for use in the trailer only. Lastly, the birthday girl will receive a special gift.

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